#84: Mappy-Land

Released In: 1989
Publisher: Taxan

     Help Mappy get to his girlfriend's birthday on time, marry his girlfriend on time, celebrate Christmas with his wife on time, and get to Mappy Jr.'s birthday on time. In order to do so, Mappy will have to make his way through train stations, jungles, the Old West, castles, haunted house, and other thematic levels, all while dodging hungry cats and bouncing on trampolines.

Syd Lexia: My friend's parents rented this game for his little sister one time and he made me watch him play it to show me how gay it was. I actually thought it was pretty funny though, and I ended up renting it myself.

Valdronius: Mappy-Land is a bit of a different spin on your classic sidescrolling adventure. In each level you have to collect six items strewn about a ladder and platform landscape, all the while avoiding the evil cats that want to eat you. The novel thing, though, is that there are also trampolines that you must use to bounce to various heights. You are invincible while bouncing, but if you bounce too many times without getting off the trampoline, it will break and you will plummet to your death. Aside from having interesting and unique mechanics, the graphics are also very well done. Each level has a themed background, and the main bad cat, Goro, wears a costume that fits with that theme. In the Western level, he's a sheriff, in the haunted level, he's a mummy and a vampire. Some levels require you to get a special item to pass, such as a cross to get by Vampire Goro. As the story progresses, you pick up cheese for your girlfriend's party, then rings for the wedding, then items for a Christmas party, and finally baseballs for your son. There are some frustrating parts in the game, but all in all, it's quirky enough to be fun.

Dr. Jeebus: While this game was kinda cute, it made me nauseous. And I mean that very, very literally.

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