#86: Tombs & Treasure

Released In: 1989
Developer: Tokyo Shoseki
Under License From: Falcom
Publisher: Infocom

      When your friend's father Professor Imes and six other men go missing during an archeological expedition in Mexico, it's up to you, a bored adolescent boy on summer vacation to help her solve the mystery. And since two teenagers shouldn't explore creepy filled ruins by themselves, you are joined by Jose, the professor's guide as well as the sole survivor of expedition. He did a fabulous job protecting the professor, so you just KNOW he'll be helpful. Using menu-based commands, it's up to you to explore the ruins, solve its puzzles, and discover what became of Professor Imes. Oh, and fight some monsters.

Syd Lexia: I loved this game back in the day. It's very creepy and the story draws you in. In retrospect, the map could have been designed a whole lot better though. But it's still really fun, and it's a whole hell of a lot more frustrating than Shadowgate. The only thing you really need to know about this game is Tezcat sucks. Fuck you, Tezcat. Also, watch out for Jose... he's a total prick.

Valdronius: I donít really remember a lot about this game, except that it was some type of archeological mystery game involving ancient tombs and hidden treasure. I never really got very far in the game, but I remember being intrigued by the story.

Dr. Jeebus: This game is about as fun as any other NES game that was originally designed for use with a mouse and keyboard. I may have had the patience to play this back in the day, but in my old age I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore.

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