#87: Casino Kid

Released In: 1989
Developer: SOFEL
Publisher: SOFEL

      You are the Casino Kid, a compulsive gambler with more balls than brains and $500.00 to your name. Your mission: to play blackjack and poker over and over again until you've beaten every gambler and dealer in the whole damn building. If you do, you'll get to challenge the ultimate rival, the Casino King.

Syd Lexia: Casino Kid is great because it provides a 100% genuine casino experience. For example, sometimes when you go up to card tables, the dealer will refuse to take your money for no apparent reason. Then you'll have to wander around challenging other gamblers to unsupervised card games until one of them accepts. Unsurprisingly, you'll be allowed to play right on the casino floor. After you make enough of a name for yourself, you'll be able to play at the tables, and then finally you'll take on the King of the Casino. The EVIL King of the Casino. Every casino has one.

Rycona: Try to beat it in one sitting without using passwords, it's fun. I've done it twice.

Dr. Jeebus: I couldn't tell you what qualifies this game as good. The casino's dealers sometimes refuse to play against you, but it's no wonder why: they all play Blackjack with one deck! I know it's an NES and all, but I think they could've upped it to at least four.

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