#82: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Released In: 1989
Publisher: LJN

      Guide Eddie Valiant & Roger Rabbit through 1947 Los Angeles, fend off the weasels, get the TNT and detonator, make your way into Toontown, and defeat the evil Judge Doom. Along the way, you'll encounter Benny the Cab, Baby Herman, Dolores, and Jessica Rabbit. You'll have to be careful though... Eddie is apparently incredibly allergic to stray animals and LA is absolutely rotten with them. If they so much as touch him, he'll die instantly. Also, Roger has a tendency to be kidnapped by birds.

Syd Lexia: A decent LJN game? How the hell did THAT happen? Oh, Rare worked on it.

Valdronius: A unique style of game based on the movie, I remember driving around in the real world and in cartoon world looking for clues. It was somewhat amusing how a car could run over Roger and hed just flatten out for a second. I always found it frustrating when the two weasel goons would nab Roger, and to save him you had to scroll through a bunch of punchlines to find the one that answered the setup. Not a bad game, but I never really put the time into playing it all the way through.

Dr. Jeebus: Who indeed? This game was great, except that it let you get hopelessly lost, and when Roger got grabbed by the weasels it was seemingly impossible to switch punchlines fast enough to make them laugh, so you had to dodge them and hope they didn't ambush you.

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