#74: Ice Hockey

Released In: 1988
Publisher: Nintendo

      Ice Hockey is the story of a young man who must discover his destiny and save the magical land of Hyrule from the evil wizard Ganon. In order to do so, he must collect all eight pieces of the Triforce. Wait, that's not right. Ice Hockey is (surprise!) an ice hockey game by Nintendo. Build a four man hockey team using your choice of thin speed skaters, medium-sized balanced guys, and fat power hitters, then take on all comers.

Syd Lexia: My favorite part of this game used to be the Zamboni interlude between periods. You know what my favorite part of this game is now? When I kick your ass. Booyah!

Dr. Jeebus: Any game where you can build a team of nothing but fat men is okay in my book. Never has hockey been so interesting to me as it was in Ice Hockey for the NES. Actually, that was the only time it was interesting to me.

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