#66: Bomberman

Released In: 1987
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft

      Bomberman's very first video game finds him fighting his way through a labyrinthine underground compound and blowing up adorable 8-bit enemies with his comically oversized bombs. Rated E for everyone.

Syd Lexia: Bomberman was a great game that challenged the world's preconceived notions of bomb enthusiasts. Before this game came out, someone who methodically eliminated their enemies with bombs would almost definitely be denounced as a terrorist. Through its imaginative game, Hudson Soft taught us that not all bomb-wielding maniacs are evil; in fact, some are downright lovable. So the next time you think you see some Kleboldesque boy making pipe bombs, don't immediately assume that he's plotting another Columbine. Maybe he's just having some good old ESRB-approved fun.

Valdronius: While this game pales in comparison to its successors, it paved the way for one of the best multi player franchises. Before it became socially acceptable to shoot your friends in video games, it was good fun to blow the crap out of them with giant bombs. A lot of the best sleepover parties I went to involved hours of Bomberman.

Dr. Jeebus: While the original Bomberman wasnt the greatest game in the series (Id give that to Bomberman 64), its unique gameplay style paved the way for the prolific franchise.

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