#73: Adventures of Lolo 2

Released In: 1990
Publisher: HAL

      The Great Devil is at it again! Enter the Devil's tower and fight your way through even more puzzle rooms. Kill Snakeys again! Rescue Princess Lala again! It's all the fun of the original Adventures of Lolo, only more so.

Syd Lexia: The original Adventures of Lolo was a great game, save one problem: you never got to fight the game's primary villain, the Great Devil. Oh sure, you get to watch Lolo defeat him in a cut scene, but that's hardly fulfilling. Combine that with the fact that the game's final puzzle isn't particularly special or difficult and you're left with an anticlimactic finish to an otherwise great game. Lolo 2 solves this problem by adding in a boss battle at the end. It's easy as hell, but at least you finally get to kick the Great Devil's ass for yourself.

Dr. Jeebus: Better than the first game, but quite not as good as the third one.

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