#81: Double Dribble

Released In: 1987
Publisher: Konami

      Despite being curiously named after a play violation that you can't actually commit in the game, Konami's Double Dribble was one of the more successful sports games for the NES. Choose from one of three teams and take on the deadly Boston Frogs in the game of your life. Or better yet, play against a buddy, pick the Boston Frogs, and kick your friend's ass up and down the court. Features realistic slam dunk action.

Syd Lexia: This game's introduction was fucking amazing: wave upon wave of pixelated people descend upon the Double Dribble basketball stadium while "Star-Spangled Banner" plays in the background. The Konami blimp flies by overhead, then some red balloons, and then finally a giant American flag appears above the arena, suspended by Konami logos. That was my favorite part of the game. That, and the extreme close-up when you went in for a slam dunk.

Rycona: Miss a dunk and feel the sting.

Dr. Jeebus: I found it kinda hard to get into this game knowing that I could be playing Arch Rivals and pulling down my opponent's pants. Funny how they all wore boxers with hearts on them. You just don't see that anymore... not that I'm looking, cuz I'm not. Moving on...

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