#72: RoboCop

Released In: 1989
Data East
Under License From: Ocean
Publisher: Data East

      In a dystopic capitalist future where Detroit sucks even worse than it does today, only RoboCop has the skill and firepower necessary to stop the crime epidemic that plagues the city. If you can rid Detroit of villains such as the Clarence Boddicker and Dick Jones and neutralize the ED-209, you just might return for a sequel or two. Based on the movie by Paul Verhoeven.

Syd Lexia: I always use to hate the end of the second level, the part where the guy has the mayor hostage. I knew you were supposed to wait for the mayor to duck, but I was pretty impatient and there was a timer, so I'd usually end up shooting blindly and hoping for the best. Unsurprisingly, that brilliant strategy never seemed to work. Eventually, I got serious about beating the game and I made it my bitch. I was mildly disappointed that you never ever actually fight Dick Jones, but ED-209 is a much more satisfying end boss.

Valdronius: I understand that RoboCop wasn't the most agile superhero, but a sidescroller with a character that can't jump leaves much to be desired. If one button punched and the other fired your gun, it might be redeemable, but you only get to use your gun when the game tells you you can use it. The breaking point for me was when I climbed a set of stairs to get an item, and it took me a good five minutes to get back down them.

greeneyedzeke: I have a confession to make. In my younger, more impressionable days, I equated “film tie-in” with “high quality”. I owned (and liked) Total Recall. I stared wistfully at the walkthrough of Darkman in Nintendo Power. I rented Friday the 13th (behind my mother’s back, no less!) and watched the opening dagger-in-eye-socket animation over and over again, savoring the wanton brutality.

RoboCop stood out, though, namely because it was one of the few licensed games that didn’t absolutely fucking reek. Sure, it isn’t (and never was) widely regarded as a classic by any means, but it’s pretty damn fun. The storyline is pretty basic: you go around punching and shooting stuff. That’s about it. But c’mon. You get to be RoboCop. I’d also like to point out that this is the first game I can remember really giving me a tactile sensation of "weight" through the controls. Sure, it was probably just "bad programming", but pushing forward on that d-pad really made me feel like I was pushing onward, burdened by one hundred points of metal armor.

I’d buy that for a dollar!

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