#63: Journey to Silius

Released In: 1990
Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft

      It is the year 0373 in the new calendar and the Earth can no longer support its population. To solve this problem, space colonies are being developed. You are Jay McCray. Your father was the head of a colony development in the Silius solar system, until a mysterious explosion destroyed the colony, killing everyone in it. The explosion was ruled to be an accident, but you quickly learn that was not the case. Among your father's personal effects, you find a computer disk containing complete plans for the SSS colony as well as a letter from your father warning of a possible terrorist attack. At this point, you realize what you must do: journey to Silius, single-handedly defeat the terrorists, and complete Project SSS. Only then will your father be avenged.

Syd Lexia: Everything about this game is awesome, especially the music.

You know, I occasionally get hatemail from people who read my 20 Worst Nintendo Games That You Might Have Actually Played article. They tell me that I suck for hating those games, that I don't appreciate good NES games, and that I should go play my XBox. First of all, I don't own an XBox. Never have, never will. Secondly, I do appreciate good NES games. While you morons were wasting your time playing shit like Dick Tracy and The Karate Kid, I was playing a GOOD game: Journey To Silius.

Dr. Jeebus: For some bizarre reason, Syd and I own two copies of this game. While there's no reason to have two copies of it in one collection, it is a great space adventure game that I still haven't beaten, try as I might.

DarkMaze: Holy crap, you can absolutely rock out to Journey to Silius. And you really can’t say that about too many NES games. The music is fantastic, driving you forward as you blast lots of robotic things. Journey really has a Mega Man/Contra combo thing going on, with graphics and gameplay reminiscent of both. The music is hardcore Sunsoft, though, and the prologue’s music reminds me of their Batman game.

I should point out that on top of merely being a great deal of fun, the game is also deeply topical, even today. “I hear the terrorist are planning against the colony development,” says Jay’s late father. And indeed, even in the real world, the terrorist are planning, right now. And he are many. Journey to Silius reminds us that they is out there, and we must strive to stop him and their wicked ways. You has been warned.

Michael Moore: Jay's father and those other imperialist colonists got what they deserved and Jay's actions are indefensible. Violence, when used in defense of Western people or Western ideals, is unequivocally wrong. The people of the Silius Solar System who have risen up against foreign colonization are not "insurgents" or "terrorists" or "The Enemy". They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win.

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