#55: Ice Climber

Released In: 1985
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Climb your way to the top of a series of treacherous mountains while dodging icicles, riding clouds, collecting vegetables, and smiting birds and yetis. In the Japanese version, you get to smack seals instead of snow monsters. Fun for one player, not for two.

Syd Lexia: Ice Climber is a game which has become famous retroactively. Before Super Smash Brothers Melee became a worldwide phenomenon, not many people gave a shit about Popo and Nana. If this list had been compiled in 1999, I seriously doubt that anyone would have voted for Ice Climber. Hell, I *still* refused to vote for it. I am pretty fucking disappointed that this game managed to make to make it this high on the list because aside from Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure, Ice Climber isn't nearly as good as any of the 45 games below it on this list. Oh well, I guess any game where you get to club baby seals to death can't be all bad.

Valdronius: Iím still not sure if this game is supposed to be competitive or co-op on 2 player. All I know is that many friendships were ended when the other player jumped up to the next platform, dumping your ass into a bottomless pit. The physics of the game made jumping rather troublesome as well. While the Ice Climbers could leap a good 15 feet into the air, they had a horizontal jumping capacity of roughly 3 feet. This often dropped them into holes as well. I also never understood why the vegetables had eyes, or why Eskimos would risk their lives for some eggplant. Ice Climber is a really weird game, but itís hella fun.

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