#50: Adventure Island

Released In: 1988
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft

      The Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Master Higgins' girlfriend Tina. Armed only with stone axes and a cheap skateboard, Master Higgins must make his way deep into Adventure Island and defeat all eight forms of the Evil Witch Doctor. Also, he must constantly eat fruit to stay alive. Always with the eating.

Syd Lexia: I recently replayed this game and I have absolutely no fucking clue how I beat the game when I reviewed it back in November of 2004. Most the game isn't too hard, but the jumping sequence at the end of 8-3 is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Valdronius: What do you get when you cross a fat kid with a stone axe? You get a classic game from the golden era of home entertainment. Remember the days when you didn't need complex game mechanics to have fun? When all a game needed to be great was good play control and varied level design? Adventure Island did just that. Run to the right. Eat food. Dodge malcontents. Eat food. Find axe, kill things. Eat food. Good times, good times.

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