#48: Mega Man 5

Released In: 1992
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      Proto Man has kidnapped Dr. Light and raised an army of robots to conquer the world. Can Mega Man defeat the eight Robot Masters leading Proto Man's army and stop his brother's insane plan? And is Proto Man really the one behind this evil machination? Of course not, it's Dr. Wily. Features Gravity Man, Wave Man, Stone Man, Gyro Man, Charge Man, Star Man, Crystal Man, and Napalm Man.

Syd Lexia: This game was finished within a year of Mega Man 4's completion, and in North America it was released within eleven months of the previous game. That should give you a pretty good idea as to how quickly Capcom was able to pump out new games using the Mega Man formula. I would argue that Mega Man 5 and 6 don't really deserve to be on this list since they're just more of the same, but the Mega Man formula is so good that I can guess I can forgive their inclusion. But this game should be somewhere down in the low 80s, not in 48th slot. What the hell were my cohorts smoking when they ranked this game so highly? More importantly, where can I get some?

Valdronius: Mega Man 5 introduced us to Beat, Mega Manís avian companion. Other than that, there are not a lot of memorable characters in the game. Personally, I could name all 8 of the game's Robot Masters, but Iím a Mega Mark. The most interesting part of this game is possibly Gravity Manís level, where you get to walk on the ceiling.

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