#54: Tecmo Super Bowl

Released In: 1991
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo

      The sequel to Tecmo Bowl. It's got Super in the title, which means it's drastically better than the first game. Just like how Super Mario Bros. makes the original Mario Bros. seem like a steaming pile of turd.

Syd Lexia: Did we really need Tecmo Super Bowl AND Tecmo Bowl on the list? I think not. Just Super Bowl would have been fine. I never really played this game. I had such a bad experience with Tecmo Bowl that I decided to avoid this game at all costs.

Dr. Jeebus: Having unsuccessfully tried to explain football to my girlfriend, I kinda wish that real football was more like Tecmo Super Bowl. You only had 4 different plays you could run, and you only needed one of them to win. This game is good simple fun that even a girl can understand.

greeneyedzeke: Actually Jeebus, there are EIGHT different plays you can run in Tecmo Super Bowl.

Channel 6 News: Is Jeebus bad at explaining things or is his girlfriend retarded? Syd Lexia investigates, tonight at eleven.

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