#92: Tecmo Bowl

Released In: 1989
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo

      Before there was Madden NFL, there was Tecmo Bowl. Tecmo Bowl was the most popular football game released for the NES. Tecmo Bowl is rather unique in that it was licensed by the NFL Players Association, but the not NFL itself. This means that the game features real NFL players from the 1988 season, but it does NOT feature real NFL teams. So while you can command John Elway, he'll be playing for the Denver Blue-Haired Unicorn Girls With Mirrors instead of the Denver Broncos.

Syd Lexia: I don't particularly care for football, and a large portion of my general disinterest with the sport can be traced back to this game. My neighbor owned this game and he always used to make me play it with him. I didn't really understand football at the time, so he would consistently stomp me using Los Angeles and the magically indestructible Bo Jackson. I later found out that in addition to being much better than me at the game, my neighbor would also look at my controller to see what offensive play I chose and then choose his defense based on that. I had such a bad time playing this game that I still don't enjoy football at all. Well, unless the Patriots are having a good season.

Rycona: I always played as New York because it was easy as pie to block field goals and extra points using that guy right behind the frontline of the special teams formation. That guy was Lawrence Taylor.

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