#100: Abadox: The Deadly Inner War

Released In: 1990
Developer: Natsume
Publisher: Milton Bradley

      In the year 5012, an evil alien entity known as Parasitis absorbs your home planet, Abadox, into its being. Hoping to crush this new horrible threat, an elite space squadron called the World Alive Force launches a massive assault against the evil planet-monster. Unfortunately, Parasitis repels the attacks and kills everyone. Everyone that is, except you. Armed with nothing but a jetpack, a gun, and whatever power-ups you magically happen to find, you decide to take on Parasitis. Your plan: to fight your way from the planet's surface to its inner core and blow up the beast from the inside. Along the way you'll fight eyeballs, a bloody head, a giant robot, and demon sperm. And as if the complete evisceration of all your military buddies and the destruction of your entire planet weren't motivation enough to defeat Parasitis, you also get to rescue a beautiful princess. No, seriously.

Syd Lexia: This is one of most monumentally fucked up NES games that I have ever played, and I've played them all. I really don't know how this made it past the censors at Nintendo of America, what with the blood-soaked spaceships and flying skulls and all. The funniest part is that this game was released in North America by Milton Bradley. That's right the same company that gave us obnoxiously cute board games such as Candy Land and Hungry Hungry Hippos unleashed this bizarre mindfuck on unsuspecting American children. In addition to being incredibly weird, this game is also incredibly difficult. Remember at the end of Metroid, there's that part where you have to escape from Zebes before it explodes? Abadox has something like that. The difference is that the sequence in Abadox is actually hard. Like, ridiculously so.

Valdronius: Abadox isn't a terrible game in and of itself, but compared with other space shooters, it just doesn't live up to expectations. There are two fatal flaws that put behind the rest of the pack. One hit kill, and limited bullets. A space shooter should never -ever- have you die in one hit. Bullets should be flying every direction on the screen with the player making a mad attempt to dodge as many as he can. A space shooter should also have the benefit of automatic fire, but barring that, bullets should come out of your gun as fast as you are physically able to mash the button. The basic weapon in Abadox can only fire two bullets at a time, and if you're near the back of the screen, and your bullets happen to miss something closing in on you, you're fucked.

DarkMaze: After playing Abadox and Shatterhand, Iím convinced that Natsume wanted desperately to be Konami. That being said, they donít really do all that bad a job at it. Abadox has a very Konami-esque space shooter feel to it, highly reminiscent of Gradius and Life Force both visually and aurally. The controls handle a little funkier, and some of the weapons seem to do less good than just the regular gun (the slow, three blast spread gun comes to mind), but the game is quality and makes for a nice break from the standard fare.


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