#83: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

Released In: 1990
Publisher: Tecmo

      Ryu Hayabusa returns in a Ninja Gaiden sequel that's every bit as good as the first. Your girlfriend Irene has been kidnapped, so this time it's personal. Oh wait, it was personal in the first game too. Nevermind.

Syd Lexia: Why is this game awesome? Three words: Orange. Ninja. Clones.

Valdronius: Tecmo had a good thing going with the original Ninja Gaiden, so when they decided to make a sequel, they didn't screw themselves over by completely revamping the game. As far as play control goes, it is still very smooth like the original. They added two very good features, namely the ability to climb on any wall, and the ability to use your secondary weapon while climbing. There is also an item that creates a shadow of Ryu that follows you and attacks as well. The story picks up a year after the end of the first game, with the new villain talking about Jaquio's loss to Ryu. As an homage to the first game, when you defeat the first boss, a stranger appears and pulls a gun. This time however, it's a guy, and he doesn't shoot Ryu, but rather the monster he just defeated. This is a great game. Kudos, Tecmo.

DarkMaze: I remember renting this a couple of times as a kid. I seemed to recall getting stuck in the second level because of the damn changing wind that refused to let me go in the direction I wanted. Playing it again now... well, things havenít really changed.

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