#76: Rygar

Released In: 1987
Publisher: Tecmo

      The evil king Ligar has invaded Argool and closed the Door to Peace. Upon hearing this, the brave warrior Rygar rises from the dead to save the day. No really, that's the plot. It actually says that in the fucking instruction manual.

Syd Lexia: Aside from the Noid, Rygar probably had the deadliest yo-yo in video game history. Oh sorry, it's a Diskarmer. My bad. This game would be a lot cooler if it weren't so unnecessarily hard. Tecmo seriously seems to have no fucking clue what constitutes fair respawning. I thought Ninja Gaiden was bad in this regard, but in Rygar, your enemies will respawn two feet in front of you immediately after you kill them. Fuck that.

DarkMaze: I had never heard of this game before. And after playing it for a while, I’ve decided that I *almost* like it. Perhaps my two biggest problems are the random and frequent baddie spawning and the three-hits-you-die-and-no-continues life system. The latter is just plain annoying, and the former makes me feel as if I’m playing a glorified version of Donkey Kong, making a mad hurdle-jumping dash to... wherever it is I’m going.

The “legendary warrior” protagonist handles pretty well in the sidescrolling platformer bits, but the overhead view stuff just feels awkward, and it can be a massive pain trying to line yourself up to an enemy to make an attack.

One thing that’s cool though: back in Rygarian times, the world was apparently lousy with wise old bearded giants who lived in caves and spoke one sentence each.

Dr. Jeebus: This game isn't really that bad. If you think it's hard, you're playing it entirely wrong. My advice? Don't kill anything. Just run. Keep running and jump over guys. You can jump on them too, and it stuns them. Hell, even if you take enough damage to die, just jump! If you do it fast enough you'll live to keep running around. And jumping. And not fighting. Makes for a great platformer. The running. And the jumping. And the not fighting. Better than killing guys and having them respawn in your stomach like in Alien.

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