#70: The Goonies II

Released In: 1987
Publisher: Konami

      The Fratelli family, comprised of the evil old lady from Throw Mama From The Train, the bad guy from Cops and Robbersons, and Joey Pants, have kidnapped the Goonies and locked them in their secret hideout. As Mikey Walsh, the last free Goonie, it's up to you to save your Goonie friends and rid Ma Fratelli's attic of spiders. Also, you have to rescue a mermaid. Don't ask.

Syd Lexia: This game loses some MAJOR points because Sloth isn't it. Luckily, it makes up for it by being damn fun. This game is also notable for being the only video game released in North America where Sean Astin is the primary character. It actually should have been the second of three Astin-tastic games, but a 1982 Commodore 64 game based on the TV movie Please Don't Hit Me, Mom and a SNES game based on Rudy were both canceled early in development.

Rycona: If you hit Konami Man, he won't heal you anymore.

DarkMaze: "Ouch! What do you do?"

Weíre all painfully aware that video games made to tie-in with popular movies can be tantamount to a death knell... Iím looking at you, ET. So what happens when Konami makes a game thatís a *sequel* to a popular movie and throws in some 8-bit-ified Cyndi Lauper music on top of that? Actually, you get a better game than you might expect. Itís fun, vibrant, and a bit more involved than your average platformer. And while the graphics arenít phenomenal, theyíre still colorful and interesting.

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