#61: R.C. Pro-Am

Released In: 1987
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo

      Race your R.C. car against competitive R.C. drones on 32 different tracks while dodging oil spills and water hazards. Pick up bombs and missiles to thwart the other drivers, or better yet, pick up the letters to spell NINTENDO and earn a kickass vehicle upgrade! You can buy upgrade components between levels and you will keep advancing through the races as long as you don't come in fourth place.

Syd Lexia: Aside from Micro Machines, I'm not a huge fan of pre-SNES racing games. As far as I'm concerned, the racing genre begins and ends with Mario Kart and F-Zero. Still, Rare's R.C. Pro-Am is a pretty good game. Whereas most racing games require you to actually win the race to advance, R.C. Pro-Am allowed to keep playing as long as you stayed out of last place. I like that.

Valdronius: Before R.C. Pro-Am, racing games were almost exclusively first-person perspective. Not only did this game offer a third-person view, (as R.C. stands for Remote Control), but you also got to use weapons. You had a missile that fired forward, and a mine that you could plant. There were also power-ups to pick up on each track, and hazards to avoid. If you collected letters from the track and spelled the word NINTENDO you were upgraded to a new vehicle. There was a truck, a jeep-type thing, and a race car. R.C. Pro Am was arguably the best racing game on the market up until Top Gear came out for the SNES, and is still a great throw back to play.

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