#53: Dragon Warrior IV

Released In: 1992
Developer: Enix
Publisher: Enix

      A royal guard named Ragnar is sent on a mission to find missing children. Princess Alena rebels against her father and embarks on a journey to prove her strength, along with her tutor Cristo. The merchant Taloon seeks out treasure, including an ultimate weapon. The gypsy sisters Mara and Nara set out to avenge their father's death. These four stories may seem unrelated, but in the end, all these lives will intersect and together they will help the game's hero (you), defeat the evil Necrosaro. The game is split into five chapters, with each character's story being a different chapter.

Syd Lexia: I didn't like this quite as much as Dragon Warrior III, largely due to the chapter system, but it's still a great RPG.

greeneyedzeke: Even used, this game was too damn expensive. I could walk into my local (at the time) FuncoLand and get the original Final Fantasy for $24.99, yet Dragon Warrior IV cost at least ten bucks more. What the hell? I mean, its a great game, but seriously. On a side note, people who bitch about the series now being called by its original, real, intended name of Dragon Quest are bitches. Way to propagate the stereotype that American kids are all about violence and would rather play a game about a warrior than a game about a quest. Id throw Slimes at all of you if I could.

Syd Lexia: I take exception to that, Zeke. You can't just fucking change a franchise's localized name out of nowhere. Imagine if Capcom started calling Resident Evil by its incredibly gay Japanese name, Biohazard. How the fuck would you like that? You better keep one eye looking over your shoulder, because I'm coming for your soul. By Erdrick's Sword, thou shall die!

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