#46: Kirby's Adventure

Released In: 1993
Developer: HAL
Publisher: Nintendo

      The Dream Spring, which provides the residents of Dream Land with good dreams, has stopped working. Without dreams to ease their slumber, the denizens of Dream Land are becoming restless and uneasy. Kirby sets out to investigate the situation and he discovers that the Star Rod, the source of the Dream Spring's power, is missing. He also finds his old nemesis King Dedede bathing in the spring's water. When Kirby confronts Dedede about the Star Rod, the king calmly explains that he took the Star Rod and split it into seven pieces and gave them to his friends. Kirby then rushes off to recover the Star Rod and stop Dedede's lunacy. But in doing so, Kirby may discover that Dedede's motives weren't as sinister as he originally thought...

Syd Lexia: Aside from Gargoyle's Quest II, this is the only NES game I know of that was a sequel to a Game Boy game. But unlike Gargoyle's Quest II, Kirby's Adventure is a true classic. It's filled with mini games, hidden switches, and a bunch of cool abilities that Kirby can utilize. Also, because it's cute, Kirby's Adventure is a great way to introduce your girlfriend to video games. And since Kirby's primary abilities are sucking, spitting, and swallowing, it's also a great way to introduce her to oral sex.

DarkMaze: Without a doubt, this is one of my all-time favorite NES games. Kirby's Adventure taught me that "replay value" could mean more than just playing the same game over again. Merely beating the game wasn't enough -- there were still all these brown doors and unrevealed areas on the level maps from where I hadn't found the switches to unlock them. The game took me hours to fully beat - a rare feat in the world of NES platformers. And I was obsessed with unlocking EVERYTHING.

Kirby's Adventure was just plain FUN. The music was catchy, the graphics were excellent, the characters were goofy, and the special abilities were a blast (oh, elusive UFO...). Virtually every aspect of that game was addictive, whether it was honing your timing skills to get to the top cloud at the end of every level, with a 1UP and THREE dancing Kirbies, or trying to get that damn big stuffed Kirby doll in the crane machine, wedged in all the way on the far right.

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