#37: Willow

Released In: 1989
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      In this adaptation of the 1988 Ron Howard adventure movie, Willow must master both swords and sorcery as he fight his way to to Nockmaar to confront the evil Queen Bavmorda. Madmartigan, Elora Danan, Sorsha, Fin Raziel, and many other characters from the movie also make appearances.

Syd Lexia: Like pretty much all movie adaptations, this game is hardly a by-the-script adaptation of the film. But that's OK. Capcom did the best it could with the source material and the end result was a great Zelda clone. My only real complaint with this game would be that you don't get to control Madmartigan at all. Let's face it, Willow may have been the titular character, but Val Kilmer's Madmartigan stole the fucking show. But whatever. This game kicks ass nonetheless.

Rycona: This was another really fun game for me. The music sometimes seemed annoying, but I still appreciated it.

Dr. Jeebus: Why are there zombies in the game, and why can they turn Willow into a pig? While I distinctly remember there being transmogrification in the movie, I don't seem to recall any zombies. Normally I wouldn't mind the addition of zombies to a game, but these bastards are super annoying. Oh, and if any of the zombies from this game happen to be reading this list, check your Hotmail account. You should have an e-mail from me entitled "Re: FUCK YOU!!!!!!".

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