#32: IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II

Released In: 1989
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Acclaim

      The evil wizard Malkil has returned and once again, only the warrior Kuros can stop him. This time around Malkil has his sights set on the land of Sindarin and he's taken control of four elements of nature: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. To defeat Malkil, Kuros will need to assemble the legendary IronSword. Each piece is guarded by a dangerous Elemental which Kuros must seek out powerful magic spells to beat. He must also recover precious artifacts for the four Animal Kings in order to gain entrance to the Elementals' lairs. Once this is done and IronSword is assembled, Kuros will make his way to IceFire mountain for the final showdown with Malkil.

Syd Lexia: My favorite part of this game, hands down, was bribing the Animal Kings.

Dr. Jeebus: In preparing for this article, I played a bunch of NES games to help me decide on the final order for my list. For some reason I think I beat this game as a kid, but I can't get anywhere in it now. Weird, huh?

DarkMaze: Despite having Fabio on the box, this game is not based on a romance novel, “IronSword” is not a euphemism and this is not an erotic NES game. So if low-res interactive pornography is your bag, I suggest breaking out Custer’s Revenge for the Atari.

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