#33: Excitebike

Released In: 1985
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Race your motorbike against other motorbikes on Nintendo's courses, or make your own custom tracks and race on those.

Syd Lexia: I always hated how the bike would overheat if you went too fast for too long. Fortunately this wasn't usually a problem for me as I would crash before I would overheat. One of the big rumors surrounding this game was that if you beat it, your driver would take off his helmet and reveal himself to be Mario. With the aid of my Game Genie, I learned the disappointing truth: there's no basement in the Alamo and there's no end to Excitebike.

Valdronius: I could never figure out the exact physics that kept causing me to crash in this game, but that didnít stop it from being fun. Excitebike is just one of those games thatís very simple, but never really gets boring. Probably the most innovative aspect was that it had a track editor, so you could create your own mad tracks and race on them. Good times, good times.

greeneyedzeke: I still canít save my custom tracks, you bastards.

Dr. Jeebus: Did anyone really have fun playing this game, or did you all just build courses of nothing but the tallest ramps you could over and over again? It's okay, you can tell the truth. Most of us don't really like the game either. And yet, we all rated it fairly highly anyway. Crazy.

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