#28: DuckTales

Released In: 1989
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      Travel around the world with Uncle Scrooge and recover five legendary treasures from Transylvania, the Amazon jungle, the African mines, The Himalayas, and the Moon. Along the way, you'll encounter old friends such as Gizmo Duck and Bubba Duck and you might even find two secret treasures if you're clever enough. You'll also square off against enemies such as the Magica De Spell, the King of the Terra-Fermies, and the mysterious Dracula Duck.

Syd Lexia: If you ever needed proof as to the lasting appeal of this classic Capcom game, you need look no further than this page from the November 2006 issue of Nintendo Power.

Rycona: I BOUGHT this game and never read the instruction booklet. I didn't find out about bouncing on the cane until I had already had the game for a year.

Dr. Jeebus: I already covered this game over here.

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