#36: Paperboy

Released In: 1989
Developer: Mindscape
Under License From: Tengen
Publisher: Mindscape

      Avoid terriers, skateboarders, breakdancers, and increasingly absurd cast of obstacles in your quest to deliver a week's worth of newspapers to your neighborhoods. As the week progresses, you'll fend off knife-wielding women, tornadoes, and even the grim reaper. Luckily for you, most of these enemies can be quickly thwarted by throwing one of your subscriber's newspapers at them.

Syd Lexia: The paperboy in this game was a complete tool. Aside from holiday tips, paperboys pretty much make dick for wages. So when homicidal soccer moms in bathrobes start chasing you down the street and Death is lying in wait for you every few blocks, maybe it's time to find a better job, like assistant crackwhore.

Valdronius: You'd think that a game that revolves around something so mundane as delivering newspapers would be really terrible. Mindscape somehow made the idea work. Paperboy succeeds because along with the main goal of delivering the paper to all the houses on your route, there are also many comical denizens along your route that you can pelt with papers. City workers, guys on skateboards, wild dogs, and remote control cars are just a few of the things you'll run into. As an added bonus, you can mercilessly vandalize any house that isn't a subscriber without fear of repercussion. Newspapers are surprising useful for smashing windows and ruining yardwork.

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