#42: Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Released In: 1990
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      Princess Camille has invited Little Nemo to Slumberland to be her playmate and given him a magic bag as a token of her friendship. Nemo accepts her request and goes to Slumberland to find her. As he makes his way through the dream world, the bag of candy comes in very handy: Nemo is able to use it stun enemies as well as to bond with more benevolent animals and use their natural talents to help him obtain the keys he'll need to find the princess. When Nemo finally meets Camille, he learns the true reason that he has been brought to Slumberland: to rescue the good King Morpheus from the clutches of the evil Nightmare King.

Syd Lexia: This game was really weird for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's based on an anime movie based which was itself based on a comic strip from the early 20th century. Secondly, the movie which the game was supposed to tie-in with didn't come out until two years after the game came out. And third, the game's design is rather bizarre. The first seven levels center around finding keys and have an almost puzzle-like feel to them, a quality that comes in part from the fact that Nemo can't kill enemies on his own, only stun them. Then in the last level, Nightmare Land, the game goes into action mode. In this level, you are suddenly able to wield King Morpheus' Imperial Scepter and you fight three bosses including the Nightmare King himself. All of this is rather inconsequential though, as the game is quite fun.

Dr. Jeebus: This game was truly incredible. Borrowing from the Super Mario 3 power-up suits, Nemo could sexually abuse small animals so that they'd do his bidding. I think that's how it worked anyway. Regardless, I remember Syd and I spending waaaay too much time digging around in the sand as the hermit crab trying to find secret treasure. I don't think we ever found anything good.

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