#30: Bionic Commando

Released In: 1988
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      A long time, there was a great war between a militaristic organization known as the Badds and the peaceful Federation. The Federation won and the leader of the Badds, Master-D, was killed. Now, in the 1980s, a man named General Killt has discovered top secret plans for a super weapon Master-D was planning to build codenamed The Albatross. Killt has enlisted a new army of Badds and plans to complete The Albatross and once again bring war to the world. The Federation sent their best man, Super Joe, to investigate Killt's activities, but he was captured. Now you are the Federation's only hope. You are Ladd, a soldier with a bionic arm, an arsenal of guns, and no jumping ability whatsoever. Your mission: to infiltrate enemy facilities, rescue Super Joe, blow up the enemy's reactors, and stop the Badds from completing The Albatross.

Syd Lexia: You might expect the Bionic Commando instruction manual to explain the game's plot. You also might expect it to be coherent. Well, that's an unreasonable assumption. I realize that Nintendo of America's censorship was a huge problem back in the day and that Capcom USA had to completely change the game's original plot, which involved the resurrection of Hitler, but come on. A fucking first grader could have written a better storyline than that.

As for the game itself, Bionic Commando fucking rules. Why? Because it has the best video game ending EVER.

Rycona: I played this for the first time only recently and I was really impressed. It's a damn fun game.

DarkMaze: I have very little to say about this game except:

1) I like swinging around,
2) The music is really fun, and
3) It's FREAKING WEIRD not being able to jump!
It's that last bit that kept me from playing the game very often, because it really threw me off. I've seen people kick some serious ass in this game, though, and it's truly a thing of beauty. They just whip through the thing, swinging around like they're freaking Spider-Man with too much coffee… and a GUN. Although with that robotic arm and green suit, it's more like if Spider-Man and Doc Ock had a baby. Ew.

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