#78: Caveman Games

Released In: 1990
Data East
Under License From: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Data East

      Try for a gold medal in the Caveman Games! The events you can compete in are Saber Race, Dino Race, Dino Vault, Fire Start, Clubbing, and the infamous Mate Toss. Quirky, fun, and far less gay than the somewhat similar Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular.

Syd Lexia: Any game that literally allows you to treat women as objects is OK by me.

Rycona: I really like this game, but I've rarely played it with two players. The chicken dance is neato.

greeneyedzeke: This one is easy to recommend. One of the events is mate tossing. Any game that lets me throw pestering nags for points is A-OK in my book. If you don’t heave her far enough she basically bitches you out, though, in a fashion not too dissimilar from that of the Duck Hunt dog. Another good event is the Saber Race, which pits two terrified Cavemen against each other as they flee a pissed off sabertooth tiger. Throwing your opponent directly into the creature’s path is priceless and the resultant “Thag Eaten” message is hugely rewarding.

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