#85: Rampage

Released In: 1988
Data East
Under License From: Bally Midway
Publisher: Data East

      Data East's NES version of the classic Midway arcade game. Assume the roles of giant monsters George and Lizzie and smash the holy hell out of America, one city at a time. Finally, a game that even Islamic fundamentalists can enjoy.

Syd Lexia: Remember when I bashed the NES version of Rampage? I still don't particularly care for it. But now, thanks to the release of Rampage: Total Destruction, I can play the original arcade game whenever I want for free. And this time, it's legal.

Valdronius: Rampage was a great idea gone terribly, terribly awry. The fundamental concept was fine: youíre a giant monster who goes around smashing buildings and eating people. The problem arises when Level 2 is the same as Level 1, Level 3 is the same as Level 2, and Level 150 is the same as Level 149. You get the point; itís really repetitive. That didnít stop me from beating it though.

greeneyedzeke: This oneís pretty self-explanatory. Take a giant lizard, pit him against a giant ape, throw in a heaping helping of buildings to smash and screaming little humans to toss around, subtract the need to keep pumping quarters into an arcade machine, and you have a winner. Sadly, this still stands as the best port of the game. Itís never been done better, though Midwayís sure tried.

Dr. Jeebus: I canít tell you for sure how many consecutive hours Syd and I spent trying to beat Rampage, but I CAN tell you that our parents were trying to make us to go to bed for at least three of them.

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