#90: The Three Stooges

Released In: 1989
Beam Software
Under License From: Cinemaware
Publisher: Activision

      An evil banker named I. Fleecem is about to foreclose on Ma's Orphanage, unless someone suddenly shows up to save the day. Someone does: The Three Stooges. Despite having been fired from pretty much every job they've ever attempted for gross incompetence, the Stooges pledge to save the orphanage. Thanks to Moe's amazing literacy skills, the boys are able check the newspaper for job positions and contests that will help them reach their goal of $5000. The whole thing is just a thin pretense to relive classic Stooge moments involving boxing, hospitals, oysters, and of course, pie fights.

Syd Lexia: There are people who absolutely hate this game. I've read reviews of this game where it's been compared to everything from AIDS to the Holocaust to Waterworld. Honestly, the game is not that bad. In fact, I would go so far as to call it good. If you hate this game, it's probably because you either don't appreciate the Stooges or you suck at it. My only real complaint is that you had to be impossibly good to get the best ending.

Dr. Jeebus: Iíve known a lot of people that really didnít care for this game, but I thought it was fantastic. Not only did it teach us that you can somehow make money by throwing pies at rich people, you can also buy love. You see, if you earned enough money you would not only save Maís Orphanage, but the Stooges would get to marry her three beautiful daughters as well.

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