#80: Adventures of Lolo

Released In: 1989
Publisher: HAL

      The Great Devil has kidnapped Princess Lala! It's up to Lolo to make his way through each puzzle-filled room of the Devil's Haunted Castle and save her. And boy are there a lot of rooms. Good luck with that.

Syd Lexia: I love this game. Hell, I love this franchise. But you know what I hate? THOSE FUCKING MEDUSA HEADS!!! Actually, they're not that bad. But Don Medusa, that evil pink motherfucker who runs back and forth and daggerizes you if you get in his line of site, he's a real bastard. All things considered, my only real complaint about this game is that you never get fight the Great Devil. You fight your way through a seemingly endless amount of rooms, and then the game abruptly ends in a cut scene. What the fuck is that? I need better closure, dammit!

Dr. Jeebus: This was by far the weakest game in the series, but it was the original so it still gets props. Great game overall and without this, there’d have been no Adventures of Lolo 3.

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