#88: Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode

Released In: 1988
Developer: Vic Tokai
Publisher: Vic Tokai

      When a CIA helicopter is shot down over New York City, all hell breaks loose. The helicopter was carrying two important documents, both of which would be very dangerouus in the wrong hands: plans for a American bacteriological weapon codenamed Cassandra-G and plans for its vaccine. The CIA believes the incident is part of a KGB plot and their prime suspect is an amoral assassin with no real allegiance: Duke Togo, better known as Golgo-13. You are Golgo-13. You will travel to East Berlin, and with the help of the secret FIXER group, you must discover who's really behind the helicopter incident and recover the vaccine. Based on a popular long-running Japanese manga.

Syd Lexia: The graphics aren't always great, particularly in those long stretches of game where you're walking around East Berlin shooting guys on motorcycles, and the backtracking gets pretty fucking annoying, but Golgo 13 is still pretty fun. Any game NES where you get to shoot a guy in the head with a sniper rifle and have sex is all right in my book.

greeneyedzeke: Golgo 13 was the game that stole my innocence. Up to this point in my life, the NES had been a bastion of happy little critters and the plumbers who stomped on them. Now all of a sudden I was faced with a Byzantine plot involving snipers, the KGB, rejuvenating sex in East Berlin, and women named Cherry. Technically, this cartridge did its best to make you forget that it was running on 8-bit hardware. For one thing, the character sprites were huge by 1988 standards. Also, there were 3D first person mazes in the game. Frustrating difficulty aside, they were pretty bitching. It bums me out that more people didnít give this one a shot.

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