#91: Hogan's Alley

Released In: 1985
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Hogan's Alley was one of the best (and only) games designed for use with the Nintendo light gun, as well as one of the NES launch titles. Hogan's Alley places on a shooting range where you must shoot the hostile targets and spare harmless women, professors, and police officers. There are two main variants, Game A and Game B. Game A is set up like a traditional shooting range where the targets are lined up in a row. Game B takes place on a city backdrop where targets suddenly pop up from behind windows and building and you must quickly judge whether the target is hostile or not. If neither of those modes suit your fancy, Hogan's Alley also features a trick shooting game where you attempt to juggle tin cans for as long as possible by shooting them.

Syd Lexia: When I first heard about Hogan's Alley, I assumed it had something to do with Hulk Hogan. When I found out that it didn't, I avoided the game for many years. I wish I hadn't, because this was one of the best games for the Zapper. And by that, I mean that out of the seventeen games released for the Nintendo light gun, this is the only worth playing besides Duck Hunt and To The Earth. Still, I do have to fault Hogan's Alley on one issue. This game taught me that it was wrong to kill police officers, which is incorrect. In real life, you have to shoot the cops before they shoot you.

Valdronius: It saddens me that there werenít more games for the Zapper. Shooting games are staples of any arcade, and they make decent console games too. The Super Scope could have had a great line of games as well, but was stuck with Mole Patrol and Battle Clash. Hoganís Alley is the only Zapper game I know of that didnít come with the NES. There were three games you could play. One involved a shooting range where three cutouts would pop up and you had to shoot the gangsters. The second one had city-style backgrounds, where the gangsters and innocents would appear in windows. The third was a kick-ups style game where you had to air-juggle a barrel. Overall Hoganís Alley was a lot of fun, though they could have done so much more with it.

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