Saturday Night Slam Masters
#84: Saturday Night Slam Masters

Released In: 1994
Publisher: Capcom

     The Capcom Wrestling Association's heavyweight title is currently vacant. Are you a bad enough dude to win the CWA title? Choose from ten playable characters: Alexander the Grater, Biff Slamkovich, El Stingray, The Great Oni, Gunloc, Jumbo "Flap" Jack, King Rasta, The Scorpion, Titanic Tim, and Final Fight's Mike Haggar.

Syd Lexia: Mike Haggar for the win.

Valdronius: Saturday Night Slam Masters is a concept that I really like, it's basically a Capcom fighting game that takes place inside a wrestling ring. It's just as entertaining as modern Raw vs. Smackdown games, only without the recognizable wrestlers. The only complaint I have about this game is that it's very simplistic. There are only three buttons: attack, jump, and pin.

Douche McCallister: If I ever become a wrestler, which might happen once my wrestling buddy introduces me to his trainer, I am going to model myself after The Scorpion. He is the quintessential badass, and my favorite character to choose.

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