Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
#86: Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Released In: 1992
Developer: Visual Concepts Entertainment
Under License From: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts

      One year after the end of the Gulf War, General Ibn "The Madman" Kilbaba seizes control of one of the United Arab Emirate sas part of his insane plan to start World War 3. You are thrust into the role of a lone Apache helicopter pilot who must clear the way for ground troops by strategically neutralizing the general's forces. Unsurprisingly, you'll eventually fight The Madman himself.

Syd Lexia: This game is pretty much exactly like Konami's Jackal, only you're in a helicopter instead of a jeep, the Middle East instead of Vietnam, and there aren't any giant evil statues. OK, so it's nothing like Jackal. Fuck you!

Valdronius: Desert Strike is my favorite war game of all time, and one of my top choices for the SNES. The chopper controls are smooth and responsive, and the graphics in the game are very nice, except for the people, who kinda look like they came out of an Atari game. Overall, I love doing battle with The Madman, who looks suspiciously like a certain deposed and disposed dictator. Blowing shit up is always fun, but until you've played this game, you can't possibly understand the sheer terror that is a mobile SAM launcher.

Murdar Machene: I remember playing this game for hours at my friend's house. We figured out that if you conserved fuel by strafing, so I spent large amounts of time flying sideways. Eat hellfire missiles, brown people from the wrong country!

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