#95: Out of This World

Released In: 1992
Developer: Delphine Software International
Publisher: Interplay

     Out of This World is game that takes place in another world, the Outer World. You are Lester Knight Chaykin, a brilliant young physicist, but not so brilliant that you don't know better than to fuck around with a particle accelerator during a thunderstorm. As a direct result of this dumbassery, you end up on an alien planet where you are promptly enslaved. With the help of a fellow prisoner, you'll escape, solve some puzzles, almost get killed, and ride a pterodactyl off into the horizon.

Syd Lexia: Both stylistically beautiful and conceptually brilliant, Out of This World is a fantastic game. There are better versions of this game out there, but the Super Nintendo version holds it own in the graphics department; it also looks a HELL of a lot better than the Genesis version. Ironically, the prettiest version of this game would be released on a system that nobody actually bought: the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.

greeneyedzeke: Here’s a game that foreshadowed the modern trend of making every title a cross-platform event. Out Of This World appeared on fucking everything: Amiga, Super NES, Sega CD, PC, Mac, you name it. Shit, the 3DO even got a version. The thing I remember most is the animation. It was super fluid, especially given the technical limitations of hardware back in the day. The only other games that impressed me in a similar fashion were some of the Disney titles that appeared on the Genesis, like Aladdin. The Super NES version of Aladdin is a pale fucking imitation that I will rail against later on.

Valdronius: Out of This World has always been a favorite of mine. I never really understood the opening story, but that didn't really interfere with the game. There was a lot of puzzle solving, but not stupid "moving blocks around" puzzles, more like "how can I get past this guard without him vaporizing me" puzzles. There were also some pretty good gun fights in the game. I always thought this game was impossible, as there are so many ways to die: falling, poisoning, getting eaten, get beaten, drowning, acid, impalement, the list goes on forever. Never have I felt such accomplishment as when I pulled my crippled body across the tower floor and vaporized that fucking alien with the cannon. My favorite part of the game is in the second level. After you break out of the cage, your friend taps you on the shoulder, and when you turn around, he pokes you in the eye. Play it and see.

Murdar Machene: This game is way too short, but the cinematic atmosphere and attention to detail in the music and graphics really draws you in while it lasts.  The pacing is well done.  The shooting scenes are interspersed well with the puzzle solving, and the game keeps you thinking on your toes.  Solving some of the more stymieing puzzles after several hours of deadlock are some of the most satisfying moments I've experienced in gaming.  The sound of crispifying an enemy with your laser is so satisfying.  It's that distinctively dry, popping and cracking noise of their entire skeleton exploding and tumbling to the floor.  Nothing sounds quite like it!

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