Stunt Race FX
#99: Stunt Race FX

Released In: 1994
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Use the unholy power of the Super FX chip to race blocky polygonal vehicles through blocky polygonal courses in Nintendo's first 3D racing game. Features three cars, an unlockable motorcycle, and four modes of play: Speed Trax, Stunt Trax, Battle Trax, and Test Run/Free Trax. Oh, and there's a bonus round where you get to drive a tractor-trailer.

Syd Lexia: OMG, 3D graphics on the SNES? That's craziness, I tell you! CRAZINESS!

Was Stunt Race FX built around a cheap gimmick? Yes. Was it a really fun game despite this? Yes. Is it worth your time to track it down and play it? Absolutely not. Stunt Race was pretty badass in 1994, but the years have NOT been kind to it. With its crude 3D graphics and clumsy controls, Stunt Race FX exists on this list more as a fascinating historical artifact than an enduring classic.

Valdronius: I was always a pretty big fan of Star Fox, so when Stunt Race FX came out, I was intrigued enough to buy it. It had fun vehicles and interesting track designs that included elements like falling rocks, deer running across the road, and airplanes flying over the track. The game suffered from jerky controls however, and it had a fairly steep learning curve. But if you were able to unlock the fourth vehicle and you learned to drive it well, it kicked some major ass.

Douche McCallister: Hey look at that, #99 is a game that I like better then #100. With the awesome power of the Super FX chip behind it, I donít know how this game wasnít in the top 98. Bullshit, I say. I guess people only think trucks with faces are cool when it's a Disney-Pixar production.

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