Disney's Aladdin
#85: Disney's Aladdin

Released In: 1993
Publisher: Capcom

      In this adaptation of Disney's blockbuster animated feature, you'll guide Aladdin through Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders, the Genie's lamp, a pyramid, and Jafar's palace. You'll also throw apples. Lots and lots of apples.

Syd Lexia: It should come as no surprise to you there were a bunch of video games that were released on both the Genesis and Super Nintendo. However, you may be surprised to learn that Aladdin was not one of them. While it's true that games named Disney's Aladdin were released for both systems, they are completely different games. The Genesis game was developed by Virgin Interactive, published by Sega, and featured sprites designed by some of Disney's animators. The SNES version was done entirely by Capcom. The Sega version is generally held in much higher regard, largely due to Disney's direct involvement in the project, but the Nintendo version is a good game in its own right. Think back to the NES days, did a Capcom-produced Disney game ever disappoint you? Of course not, and neither will this. What's that? You've played Adventures in the Magic Kingdom? Well, fuck.

greeneyedzeke: Gah. I voted for this game’s inclusion in the Top 100 and thus, I shouldn't be complaining about it. But honestly? The Genesis version fucking annihilates this one and shits on the pieces. I mean, if someone ran videos of both versions side by side without telling you which console they came from, you’d see the Genesis one and exclaim “Dude, is that the movie?” before looking at the Super Nintendo one and shaking your head in disgust. Again, it’s not a bad game, but almost all Disney properties were better represented on Sega hardware.

Valdronius: Remember how much fun Aladdin was when you were a kid? Well, if you answered yes, it's obvious that you're referring to the movie and not this game - this game is really not very fun at all. Putting a highly recognizable character in a video game will not automatically make it good; I want good gameplay and intuitive controls and this game delivers neither. Thanks for ruining my childhood, jerks.

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