#77: Uniracers

Released In: 1994
DMA Design
Publisher: Nintendo

      Race unicycles down 2D tracks at breakneck speed while performing stunts in this bizarre racing game. Can you defeat the evil Anti-Uni and win the Hunter Circuit? Be careful, he cheats like a motherfucker.

Syd Lexia: This game was the Super Nintendo's answer to Sonic the Hedgehog. Plagued by constant accusations from Sega that the SNES hardware couldn't run something as fast as Sonic, Nintendo contracted DMA Design to create this hyperfast racing game for them. The game is very fast, but in order to accomplish this speed, DMA had to really strip down the graphics. So in essence, Sega was right. Why Nintendo would want to compete with a game where all you do is hold right on keypad and occasionally jump and why they though a fucking unicycle racing game would appeal to anyone are questions we may never have solid answers to, but it doesn't matter; Uniracers is a great game. It's the sort of concept that SHOULDN'T work, but somehow it does. This is one of those games that when you see it sitting on a store shelf, you roll your eyes, snicker, and walk away. Then one of your friends forces you to play it and you're absolutely stunned at how much fun it is.

Valdronius: I'd like to start off by stating how incredibly pissed off I am that Uniracers is only #77. In my opinion this game is top ten material, and arguably the best racing game on the system. It looked amazing, the music was rockin', and you could also hit jumps and do stunts during a race to gain massive speed boosts. Each heat was based on a different animal, and contained two sprints to the finish, two circuit races, and a stunt level where you had to outscore the opponent. If you managed to beat all eight heats on all three difficulties, you got to race in the final heat against the evil Uniracer. This guy would pull a lot of dirty tricks during the race, such as reversing your controls, running the game in slo mo, and bluring the screen. If you've played this game at all, you know what I mean when I talk about the supreme gratification of beating Goldwyn in the stunt level of the Hopper heat.

Douche McCallister: Who would have thought that a game about unicycles could be fun? I was all about performing tricks and racing, always resetting the game if I lost a race. I think my Silver Uni was about 350-0. Yeah I cheated, but it was awesome.

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