King of the Monsters
#74: King of the Monsters

Released In: 1992
Developer: Takara
Under License From: SNK
Publisher: Takara

      Select one of four giant monsters - Geon, Astro Guy, Rocky, or Beetle Mania - and battle against a friend or the computer for control of one of seven major cities.

Syd Lexia: King of the Monsters isn't necessarily a great game, but it's a game that a lot of people remember, largely due to the heavy pimpage it received on Nickelodeon's Nick Arcade. It's essentially a wrestling game with monsters, destructible backgrounds, and occasional military interference, and it's fairly fun, but the SNES and Genesis home versions aren't nearly as good as the original Neo Geo game. King of the Monsters is perhaps most notable for the game it eventually inspired - Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.

Valdronius: King of the Monsters was another one of those games that, from the moment I saw it, I absolutely had to play it. And just like Mega Man Soccer, I never got around to it until the early days of emulation. And just like Mega Man Soccer, I was pretty disappointed when I actually did play it. Sure you get the satisfaction of demolishing Japan while you beat the crap of another monster, but punching and kicking and tossing your opponent around, hoping that he'll stay down for the three count, loses its intrigue after a couple of rounds.

Douche McCallister: Watching all those kids play this game on Nick Arcade made me wanna try it out. While it's not bad for what it is, itís horrible for what it isnít. This game could have been awesome.

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