Super Turrican
#80: Super Turrican

Released In: 1993
Factor 5
Publisher: Seika

      As a member of the U.S.S. Freedom Forces, you don a Turrican Assault Suit and take on the evil forces of "The Machine". With 13 giant levels to explore and a satisfying array of weapons to choose from, Super Turrican fucking rules.

Syd Lexia: This game is often been described as Super Metroid Lite. It is, but so what? Any game that can manage to be even half as cool as Super Metroid is worth playing. Also, Super Turrican came out first.

greeneyedzeke: I just wanted to point out that this game was developed by Factor 5, a realization which saddens me. Hereís the company that gave us both Turrican games on the Super Nintendo as well as Rogue Squadron on the Gamecube, and what are they up to now? Lair. Motherfucking Lair. There hasnít been a drop in quality this steep and embarrassing since John Romero left id Software to focus on Daikatana.

Valdronius: I'm sort of disappointed that I missed out on this game when I was younger. It's a solid platformer through and through. You've got three different upgradable guns: a rapid fire, a spread shot, and a ricochet weapon. On top of that, there's a weapon that temporarily freezes enemies, and a screen-clearing power move. The controls are smooth and the graphics are nice too. Why didn't I ever play this game before?

Murdar Machene: This is a game for Germans who weren't allowed to see human violence in their video games. I'm from the CORRECT country, so I never bothered with this trash.

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