Earthworm Jim 2
#88: Earthworm Jim 2

Released In: 1995
Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Publisher: Playmates Interactive Entertainment

      Psy-Crow has kidnapped Princess What's-Her-Name and it's up to Earthworm Jim and his new friend Snott to save her. As Jim travels across the universe in pursuit of Psy-Crow, he inadvertently stumbles upon the summer homes of several villains from the original game such as Bob the Killer Goldfish and Evil the Cat. Earthworm Jim 2 features several new weapons and greatly improves upon the wild and wacky platforming of the original.

Syd Lexia: Much like Sonic The Hedgehog 2 or Mortal Kombat II, this game is decidely better than the original and it's disappointing that it didn't manage to outrank its predecessor on this list. Furthermore, it's a damn shame that Earthworm Jim isn't still with us today. His two 16-bit console outings are indisputable highlights of that era, but a weak 3D outing and mediocre handheld conversions seem to have killed a franchise that was once popular enough to sustain its own cartoon series. What's even worse is that shitty characters like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro keep coming back. Fucking A.

Valdronius: Earthworm Jim 2 is quite different from the first. It's very diverse in its levels and gameplay and I kind of like it. You've got some good old-fashioned platforming, some classic Bouncing Babies action, and they even managed to throw in a game of Simon while they were at it. I have yet to figure out the deal with the cows between the levels. Wassup wit dat?

Syd Lexia: Most likely it's a reference to the infamous cow from the first game that crushes Princess What's-Her-Name.

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