Secret of the Stars
#92: Secret of the Stars

Released In: 1995
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo

      The evil wizard Homncruise is raising an army so that he can take over the world. You are Ray, a descendant of the legendary Aqutallion warriors, and only you can defeat him. But first you must seek out fellow descendants of the Aqutallion to join your party and undergo a series of trials to claim your birthright, only then will you be able to beat Homncruise and his fearsome generals. Throughout the game, you will also have control of a second party of warriors, the Kustera, which makes for a rather unique, if not sometimes tedious, gameplay experience.

Syd Lexia: These days, Tecmo is known for one thing, and that one thing is that they employ a complete fucking douchebag who wears sunglasses indoors and boasts about how proud he is of the fully rendered tits in the Dead Or Alive games. Back in the day though, Tecmo was famous for much, much more. OK, that's not true. They were mostly famous for Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Super Bowl. But the fact remains that they did all sorts of other stuff. One such project was Secret of the Stars. The game is essentially EarthBound Lite, a quirky little RPG with unimpressive graphics. The main difference is that while all of EarthBound's humor is intentional, Secret of the Stars is filled with Engrish. That's not to say that Secret of the Stars doesn't have it share of intentional humor as well; I can't think of any other RPGs where you fight an evil circus owner. But what makes this game truly unique is that you control two separate parties that you have to switch back and forth between during the course of the game. So if you don't like RPGs filled with mindless leveling, Secret of the Stars is pretty much your own personal Hitler.

Valdronius: I didn't get very far into this game before I was turned off by its swapping system. Sometimes that sort of thing is okay for puzzle solving, but forcing two allied characters to fight independently is just not fun. Not being able to share gold or items is also a pain in the ass, especially if one character is poisoned and your other character has all the antidotes. Dear Tecmo, please stick to football and Ninja Gaiden.

Douche McCallister: One of the most underrated RPGs for the SNES. This was probably one of the hardest RPGs Iíve played too - battles were tough and it's not always clear where to go and what to do. Unfortunately, the characters look like retarded midgets. And who designed the bosses, a little kid? An awkward game, but definitely worth beating.

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