NHL '94
#100: NHL '94

Released In: 1993
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts

      The third game is EA's series of NHL hockey games is also the first one to be licensed by both the NHL and the NHL Player's Association, whichs means you finally got real teams names and accurate team rosters in the same game. NHL '94 lacks the blood and fighting that made its predecessor, NHLPA Hockey '93, so popular but the game more than makes up for these losses with vastly improved gameplay and controls. Also, it was the first hockey game with four player support.

Syd Lexia: No blood and no fighting make Syd something something. Go crazy? DON'T MIND IF I DO!

...seriously though, this game is good times.

Valdronius: I may not be a huge fan of sports games, but EA's line of hockey games got a fair bit of play throughout my childhood. Maybe it was the fact that I'm Canadian, or maybe it was the craptastic nature of the other sports games out. I was quite convinced that in the later games you could play as the Oilers, score a goal, and have it say "Assisted by Satan", but I have been unable to recreate this memory.

greeneyedzeke: At one point in time, believe it or not, EA Sports games were worth the money. Back in the 16-bit days, EA's predictable annual upgrade actually meant a complete fucking overhaul of the graphics, controls, and gameplay as opposed to just last yearís game with this yearís rosters. In my humble (ha!) opinion, the Genesis pretty much smoked the Super NES in the sports category, but NHL '94 managed to be at least as good as its Sega counterpart. What you have in this cart is probably the best video hockey game ever made, at least until Nintendo gets its head out of its ass and gives us some form of Mario Hockey. Come on, you know itís coming.

Douche McCallister: I could never finish a whole season. After about 80 games, I would usually have something better and more fun to play, like Stunt Race FX or Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.


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