Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
#90: Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Released In: 1994
Sculptured Software
Under License From: LucasArts
Publisher: JVC Musical Industries

      The third and final game in the Super Star Wars trilogy. Not only will you relive all your favorite moments from Return of the Jedi in this semi-faithful adaptation of the movie, you'll also fight the Rancor, Jabba The Hutt, Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine. What more could you possibly want?

Syd Lexia: This game suffers from an unfortunate and egregious lack of Boba Fett. Other than that, it's fucking awesome.

greeneyedzeke: Here we have the weakest of the Super NES Star Wars games. The thing is, weakest though it may be, Super Return of the Jedi represents the last time a Star Wars platformer was really done right. Jedi Power Battles on the Dreamcast and PlayStation was okay, but it felt sterile and tedious compared to the 16-bit games. There’s a reason fans keep begging for DS (or, shit, Game Boy Advance even) remakes of the Super trilogy and there’s no reason for LucasArts to keep ignoring our cries. Actually, maybe there is. I can only imagine George Lucas telling them to give us the remakes, but to base them on the Special Editions of the films so that now Super Return of the Jedi will include a DDR-inspired minigame where you have to perform that fucking “Jedi Rock!” number in Jabba’s palace. My erection just wilted.

Valdronius: I can't say I really enjoyed this game. While it was kind of cool to give Luke some Jedi powers, the game was significantly harder than its predecessors. I think my biggest gripe about this game, aside from it not being as fun as Super Star Wars, is that they took away Luke's blaster. Being able to switch between a powerful melee weapon and a ranged weapon is what made Luke unstoppable. But the real nail in the coffin for me was the ridiculous escape level at the end of the game. After you kill Emperor Palpatine, THE GAME SHOULD BE OVER! Roll credits. I don't want to come out on top from the toughest battle of the game only to be subjected to an impossible, graphically nauseating flight for my life.

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