Super Adventure Island
#75: Super Adventure Island

Released In: 1992
Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft

      One day, Master Higgins and his girlfriend Tina were sitting in a very tall tree enjoying the view. They were having a great time, but then the evil sorcerer Dark Cloak showed up and turned Tina into stone for no apparent reason. Can fatty save his girlfriend? Of course, unless you suck at platformers.

Syd Lexia: It was commonplace for SNES games to have Super in their title, so as to remind you that you weren't buying a Sega Genesis game. In many cases, the adjective was entirely meaningless with regards to the game's quality, but such was not the case with Super Adventure Island. Super Adventure Island delivered exactly what the title promised: Adventure Island on steroids.

Valdronius: In the end credits for this game, one R. Nishizawa is credited for the story. To this I say, what fucking story? The game opens with Master Higgins and Tina hanging out in a tree. Then a little wizard comes along and turns her to stone. Then you kill the wizard, and the game ends with Higgins and Tina lounging on the beach. How does that constitute a story, much less one that deserves credit for having been thought of? AAAARGH, MY BRAIN!

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