#72: NBA Jam

Released In: 1994
Iguana Entertainment
Under License From: Midway
Publisher: Acclaim

      Voice clips and spontaneous human combustion abound in this memorable port of Midway's slightly unrealistic take on professional basketball. Also, you can play as Bill Clinton.

Syd Lexia: No Big Head mode? FAIL.

greeneyedzeke: With Mortal Kombat, debate raged as to whether the Genesis or the Super Nintendo got the better arcade port. In the case of the original MK, only a goddamn jackass would favor the toned-down Nintendo version, but the sequels were a different story. Both systems got all the gore, but the SNES versions were technically superior. Anyway, I’m supposed to be talking about NBA Jam, Midway’s other smash franchise. There was no competition with this one, it was Nintendo or nothing. The graphics were better, the digitized voices were intact, and the smash of the backboard when you exploded through it like sperm through the condom your insane girlfriend put holes in to force an “accident” and make you stay with her was that much more satisfying. Boomshakalaka!

Valdronius: Forget Madden '08, NBA Jam is the pinnacle of realistic sports action. Just like in real life, NBA games are played two on two. Also, if the same person scores three baskets in a row, they develop psychokinetic powers and turn the ball into a flaming comet. In this heightened state of mental ability, they also gain the ability to jump a vertical distance of roughly 50 feet and can do various acrobatic stunts while in the air before slamming the ball into the basket with superhuman accuracy.

Douche McCallister: He's heating up! He's on fire! Boomshakalaka! Who hasn’t used these phrases outside of the game? I remember my cousin busted his head off the side of the pool and I screamed “Boomshakalaka!” as loud as I could. My aunt laughed until she realized he was hurt pretty badly.

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