Star Fox
#17: Star Fox

Released In: 1993
Developer: Argonaut Software
Publisher: Nintendo

      Andross, an evil floaty head thing that we later learned was actually some sort of primate, has sent his armies to threaten the planet Corneria. As Star Fox, the leader of an elite team of mercernaries, it's up to you to stop him in this groundbreaking 3D rail shooter. So what are you waiting for? Jump in your trusty Arwing and fight your way through the Lylat system to Andross's base on Venom! Do it now! Star Fox's famous polygonal graphics are made possible by a special Super FX chip built into the cartridge.

Syd Lexia: Before we started work on this project, I hadn't played the original Star Fox since about 1994. When I started outlining my thoughts on this game in my head, I saw myself talking about how Star Fox was a really cool game in its day and how its legacy is undeniable, but that it was largely unplayable by today's standards. Then I replayed it. And yes, Star Fox's rough 3D shapes aren't exactly pretty by today's standards, but I'll be damned if the game isn't still fun. Hell, the game is more than just "fun"; it's a finely crafted rail shooter that's far superior to the recent Star Fox games on the Gamecube and the DS.

Valdronius: Star Fox seems to get mixed reviews on the internet. Personally, I liked the blocky graphics, and I loved the game as a whole. I was never really that good at it; I only ever beat it on the easiest difficulty. But that didn't matter, it was a great space shooter. I still have nightmares about trying to destroy that generator.

Murdar Machene: I love the music in this game. The animal gibberish is fun too, and the game has tight controls and solid difficulty scaling. Overall, this is one of the most fun FX chip games that readily comes to mind (of the 2 that exist).

Douche McCallister: A game that actually used the FX chip and was actually good. Slippy and Peppy pissed me off and I always tried to shoot down Falco... even though you couldnít understand the garble that they made, he always sounded like a dick. Screw you, Falco. Iíll shoot you down again when I get the chance.

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